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Enjoy a Cruise Vacation

Wonderful Cruise Vacation Leisurely Tour the Harbor City

Let’s take the dream liner to cross the Seven Seas. By staying at this mobile offshore resort, you can enjoy various entertainment facilities and savor a diverse array of exotic cuisines. Upon entering Kaohsiung Port, disembark at the futuristic ship-shaped port cruise terminal center. From there, you can hop on the circular light rail to explore Kaohsiung, immersing yourself in Taiwan's culture and creative activities. You can also cruise along the riverbanks and harbors, admiring the unique romantic charm of Kaohsiung!
Get to Know Kaohsiung
Get to Know Kaohsiung

A Large Ship Entering the Port Taking You on a Journey to Discover Kaohsiung

Situated in southwest Taiwan,

the warm and sunny Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second-largest city and its first international commercial port,

making it a true maritime capital.

Apart from its exceptional seaport and airport infrastructure,

Kaohsiung also features an intense transportation network composed of railways and roads,

providing unparalleled transportation convenience.

Its modernized cityscape, maritime charms,

and diverse dining and cultural activities have made it the most exciting tourist destination in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal

  • Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal
  • Kaohsiung Peng Lai Cruise Terminal
Port of Kaohsiung has two cruise terminals: The Kaohsiung Peng Lai Cruise Terminal located at 8-10 The Port of Kaohsiung boasts two cruise terminals: the Kaohsiung Peng Lai Cruise Terminal, situated at Piers 8-10 near the Great Harbor Bridge and Pier 2 Art Center; and the Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal, located at Piers 17-21. The Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal is Taiwan's only sustainable building that features a full 3D curved curtain wall and is equipped with 22 manual inspection and customs clearance counters, 4 bidirectional facial recognition systems, automatic tax refund machines, AI real-time translation devices, automatic foreign currency exchange machines, free Wi-Fi, and charging services for passengers' convenience. Moreover, its third floor is designed with a 24-hour coastal promenade, allowing passengers to enjoy a relaxing waterfront atmosphere and gaze upon the cityscape of Kaohsiung. These two cruise terminals can simultaneously accommodate 4 cruise ships, with the maximum capacity for vessels reaching up to 250,000 tons. Conveniently accessible via the circular Light Rail Transit (LRT), they provide direct access to major tourist attractions in Kaohsiung.
Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal
Service Facilities
Service FacilitiesService Facilities
How to Explore Kaohsiung

How to Explore Kaohsiung

  • アジア新ベイエリア
    First Station Asia New Bay Area

    Known as the yolk area of Kaohsiung, the "Asia New Bay Area" features innovative contemporary architecture, including the Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal, Kaohsiung Music Center, Kaohsiung Public Main Library, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Great Harbor Bridge, and the city's skyline formed by skyscrapers like the 85 Sky Tower. The must-visit tourist attractions within the city, such as the Pier2 Art Center, Love River, Sizihwan, and Qijin, make Kaohsiung an ideal destination for planning half-day to full-day itineraries.

  • Recommended Tourist Attractions
    • Kaohsiung Music Center
      Kaohsiung Music Center

      Infused with maritime elements, this international music cultural landmark is the epicenter of southern Taiwan's pop music culture. The building is segmented into areas known as Wave Towers, Coral Zone, Whale Promenade, Dolphin Walkway, and Live Warehouse.

    • Pier2 Art Center
      Pier2 Art Center

      Recognized as the most popular cultural attraction, the Pier2 Art Center connects to the world through art and culture. The three main warehouses, each showcasing distinct characteristics, serve as a creative hub also beloved by local residents. It is a place worth visiting both during the day and at night.

    • Qijin

      Discover Qijin (also known as Cijin) through “Wind ‧ Harvest”. With its captivating blend of humanistic and natural landscapes, Qijin unveils a myriad of scenic spots that beckon exploration. This island is a thriving tapestry of art, seamlessly weaving together both artistic expression and the pulse of everyday life.

  • Cruise Vacation
    Cruise Vacation

    Combined with prestige and excitement, this luxurious cruise exploration journey allows you to savor delightful moments with gourmet cuisine, activities, and breathtaking scenery. Let's book your cruise now and turn your travel into an unforgettable memory.

Map of Attractions Around the Port of KaohsiungMap of Attractions Around the Port of Kaohsiung
Cruise Passengers Self-guided Tours

Cruise Passengers Self-guided Tours

  • 6H Explore the Asia New Bay Area by LRT
    6H Explore the Asia New Bay Area by LRT
    • LRT
    • Bike

    Let's embark on a captivating journey through the city with Kaohsiung LRT, immersing ourselves in the enchanting allure of Asia New Bay Area. This area is a demonstration of the perfect integration of city and seaport, allowing us to leisurely stroll across new creative and cultural highlights in the gentle sea breeze.

  • 3H Embark on a Culinary Adventure in Gushan and Yancheng
    3H Embark on a Culinary Adventure in Gushan and Yancheng
    • LRT
    • Bike

    Gushan and Yancheng are indeed the perfect destinations for a culinary adventure! Here, you can explore the Gushan Fish Market, renowned as Taiwan's most beautiful fish market, and stroll along the famous Yancheng Milk Tea Street. Of course, you'll have the opportunity to savor local specialties. Let's embark on this culinary journey to satisfy your taste buds.

  • 4H Ride in the Wind and Relish the Azure Blue Seascape
    4H Ride in the Wind and Relish the Azure Blue Seascape
    • LRT
    • Ferry
    • Bike

    Let's embark on a cruise to Qijin and savor seafood delicacies on the bustling seafood street. You can also stroll along the sandy shores of the beach, marveling at the azure ocean views, and soak up the laid-back atmosphere at the beach bars in Qijin. As night falls, make your way to the Kaohsiung Lighthouse, renowned as the first lighthouse open at night, to experience the beauty of this city, which becomes more enchanting as the night deepens!

  • 4H Go Shopping in Shopping Districts
    4H Go Shopping in Shopping Districts
    • LRT
    • Metro
    • Taxi

    Let's go shopping and indulge in local delicacies in Kaohsiung's vibrant shopping districts. Whether it is fashionable apparel or unique souvenirs, you'll find a diverse array of options here. If you feel tired from shopping, why not take a ride on the Love Boat Kaohsiung or the Gondola to experience the leisurely ambiance along the Love River, letting your body, mind, and spirit relax completely

  • 4H Social Media Check-in Spots
    4H Social Media Check-in Spots
    • Metro
    • Bike
    • Taxi

    Kaohsiung boasts numerous social media check-in spots, such as the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas at Lotus Pond, Shoushan LOVE Lookout, and the Dome of Light at the Kaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard Station. Let’s explore these tourist attractions and share the beautiful memories in Kaohsiung with friends!

How to Explore Kaohsiung

Transportation and Travel Tips

  • Metro and LRT
    Metro and LRT

    The Kaohsiung Metro and Kaohsiung LRT are the preferred choices for travelers exploring tourist attractions in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung Metro currently consists of the red and orange lines, which are intersected at the Metro Formosa Boulevard Station. The circular Kaohsiung LRT, on the other hand, serves as a vibrant urban landmark. With numerous transit stations connecting with the Metro, it is considered as a comfortable and convenient transportation option that links to major tourist attractions in Kaohsiung.

  • Kaohsiung Fun Pass
    Kaohsiung Fun Pass

    The Kaohsiung Fun Pass is an integrated tool offering diverse transportation options (Metro, LRT, cruise, city bus, inter-city bus, and YouBike 2.0), tickets for major attractions, and exclusive discounts for shopping at contracted stores. With a range of customizable plans, it is an indispensable ticket for enhancing your Kaohsiung travel experience!

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