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Fongshan Ancient Military City

A city museum with two hundred years of history
  • Recommended walking tours
    Recommended walking tours

    City walk explore the charm of the old town

    Fongshan District was a center of politics in the past, where government agencies and historical sites were located. Along the streets and alleys, one can still see traditional shops and crafts such as forging, Buddhist items, bakery shops, etc., a sign of Fongshan’s strong cultural heritage in the modern world.

  • Recommended bike tours
    Recommended bike tours

    Fongshan by bike

    The most comfortable way to learn about Fongshan is by bike. Visit the historical military sites and military villages surrounded by the greenway along Caogong Canal and Fengshan Creek, and experience the scale of the ancient City in the early days and Fongshan’s traditional snacks along the alleys.

    Where to rent a YouBike:Fongshan West (O11) Station, Fongshan (O12) Station, Dadong (O13) Station

Old Town Delicacies

Old Town Delicacies

  • Market Delicacies

    The Old Street near Shuangciting and Longshan Temple has two markets: Fongshan First Market and Fongshan Second Market, where you can find a wide range of traditional delicacies and local snacks.

  • Cishan Cake

    Cishan is the northernmost settlement of Fongshan, known for making Chinese New Year snacks in the early days. Today, there are only a few old bakeries left along Lane 278 Wenheng Road, the most famous being You’s Cishan Cake.

  • Military Village Cuisine

    Today, you can still find military dependents' village cuisine in Fongshan, such as the not to be missed handmade Xiao Long Bao, thin-skinned beef pie with lots of stuffing, etc.

Recommended souvenirs from Fongshan

Recommended souvenirs from Fongshan

The bakery shop is one of the highlights of Fongshan where traditional ancient techniques are still used. The new generation introduces exquisite packaging and new flavors for the old shops, retaining the charm of these shops. Another must-buy specialty product of Fongshan is peanut candy from two shops along Wujia Road.

Zhiming Peanut Brittle
Mulun Peanut Brittle
Stay One Night in Military Dependents' Villages

Stay One Night in Military Dependents' Villages

Huang Pu New Village
Fengshan No. 79 Backpacker
Moonlight Hostel
Egg Flower Soup Guesthouse
Juandaiqi Guesthouse
The House of Missing You