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Landscape and Ecology Tour

Strange rocks and badlands experiencing the local customs

Gangshan, Yanchao, Alian and Tianliao are located in the central region of Kaohsiung, and Gangshan’s mutton hot pot and Yanchao’s guava are not to be missed delicacies famous in Taiwan. Tianliao has unique geological landscape, and visitors can enjoy a picturesque view of the mountains from Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, a must-visit attraction for those who love adventure.
  • Travel with Jarwashing

    Travel with Jarwashing

    Jarwashing was appointed the spokesperson for Kaohsiung tourism in December 2019, promoting Kaohsiung tourism resources by playing the role of a tour leader. Besides publishing several Kaohsiung travel notes, he also cooperates with the Tourism Bureau in launching interactive activities with fans, such as travel talks, Hamasing walking tour and a share talk at Kaohsiung International Travel Fair.

    Jarwashing x Yanchao adventure

    Yanchao is a remote mountainous region with narrow mountain roads. There are few visitors here, and the monkeys are afraid of strangers, which is different from Caishan’s “urban monkeys”. While wandering in the remote regions, I chanced upon numerous wonderful places known to few, not even to a local like me, and some places are not even found in the Google Map. These are often discovered while wandering aimlessly or in an expedition with an aim. As such, these “non-mainstream” and “not easily found” attractions are especially worth sharing.
    As the spokesperson for Kaohsiung tourism, I would like to take the opportunity to let more people know that, besides the attractions in the “egg yolk region of Kaohsiung”, such as the famous Xizi Bay, the Pier-2 Art Center and Lotus Pond, there is also the uncontested beautiful Yanchao.

    • Wushanting Mud Volcano

      Wushanting Mud Volcano

      This is Taiwan’s smallest nature reserve but yet has the highest density of mud volcano clusters.

    • Yangnyu Mud Pond

      Yangnyu Mud Pond

      Yangnyu Mud Pond is a gentle and explicit “mud shield”. Its wide and low-lying vent is clear and visible, and it has a higher level of activity.

    • Old Yangnyu Mud Pond

      Old Yangnyu Mud Pond

      The mirror-like lake surface clearly reflects the sky. Its frequency and sound are both higher than those of the earlier mentioned mud volcanoes.

    • Sun Valley

      Sun Valley

      Sun Valley, also known as Chang E Valley. This is a platform by the mountain road, where one can overlook the entire valley.

    • Qilinwei Earth God Temple

      Qilinwei Earth God Temple

      Qilinwei Earth God Temple is where the settlement originated, and legend has it that it is very effective.

    • Jiguan Mountain

      Jiguan Mountain

      The barren top of the mountain resembles a cock’s crest, hence the name, “Jiguan Mountain” (Cock’s Crest).

    • Agongdian Reservoir

      Agongdian Reservoir

      This is an ideal place in Yanchao for a leisure trip round the lake.

    • Siaogangshan Skywalk Park

      Siaogangshan Skywalk Park

      Siaogangshan Skywalk Park features a skywalk where one can overlook the scenic Agongdian Reservoir and flatland.