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Visit the military village to savor the village’s dishes and experience the life of early Taiwan through food, and explore the City’s alleys where the modern city meets the memories of the old town. It is worth spending a few days in Kaohsiung to visit a few attractions and learn more about the history.
  • Night Tours
    Night Tours

    Night Tours

    Enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Kaohsiung’s mountains, sea, rivers and harbor all day long from morning to night, and from its beaches to its mountains. Come experience 12 scenic spots that become more beautiful with the night, including the romantic esplanade of the Love River Bay, the Singuang Ferry Wharf and the Qijin Wind-power Park; the colorful dreaminess of the Dagangshan Scenic Area and the Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform; and the exotic flavors of the White Lover Container Restaurant on the bank of the Love River. Together, they create a string of wonderful memories of Kaohsiung’s night tours.

    Recommended attractions
    • The Heart of Love River

      The Heart of Love River

      The heart of Love River, a reservoir for storing floodwater built by 2 manmade lakes, it is one of Kaohsiung's most romantic resplendent nightspots. The relatively shallow eastern lake is an ecological pond, the imitation natural environment it creates provides marine life with a habitat. As the western lake is deeper, it provides a space for boats traveling Love River to stop as well as performing the functions of flood detention and ecological conservation. The two lakes are bound by a bridge, forming a beautiful heart shape.

    • White Lover Container Restaurant

      White Lover Container Restaurant

      Kaohsiung’s latest check-in hotspot, the White Lover Container Restaurant, is located right on the banks of the Love River. The two-story classic white container restaurant serves a variety of food. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Love River, take beautiful photos, and savor the delicious food to satisfy many wishes all at the same time.

    • Cijin Windmill Park

      Cijin Windmill Park

      Cijin Windmill Park connects to Cijin Fishing Port’s tourist trail, serving as the first scenic seaside spot the visitors comes to after entering through Cijin’s gates. Cijin has an abundance of wind, and the Park’s seven three-leaf windmills are always in motion. There is a sea-viewing platform and a performance square in the park, and unique, cute sea life collages, lively and interesting, which have even been called Cijin’s most therapeutic sight.

    • Kaohsiung Music Center (Love River Bay)

      Kaohsiung Music Center (Love River Bay)

      Located in the hub of Kaohsiung’s Asia New Bay Area, the collaboration between a Spanish architecture team and Taiwanese team has created an international music and cultural landmark with ocean elements. The Center has become the heart of popular music performances in southern Taiwan.

    • Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform

      Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform

      Beside Shoushan Martyr Shrine, there are 32 kinds of love declaration plaque on the platform, symbolizing the fact that love transcends national borders. There is also a piece of love-themed installation art, “Love megaphone” and three statues of macaques, which symbolize the three different stages of love: pursuit, passion and union. Look down and you will see breathtaking mountain and sea scenery and enchanting night scenery. The Lovers' Viewing Platform has become one of Kaohsiung's most iconic scenic spots.

    • Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor)

      Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor)

      Close to Lovers' Wharf, after combining local character with tourism and leisure, Singda Harbor has transformed into a new modern fishing harbor. The most famous of the many kinds of fresh seafood available here is the mullet, known as the "black gold of the sea".

    • The Gaoping River Cable-stayed Bridge

      The Gaoping River Cable-stayed Bridge

      It was Taiwan’s first bridge on the Formosan South Highway, and is also considered the most beautiful. Illuminated by lights at night, the bridge is like a man-made rainbow combining mechanics and aesthetics, illuminating the night sky.

    • Zhongliao Mountain

      Zhongliao Mountain

      Situated between Tianliao and Qishan, it has a great horizon. Visitors can overlook the distant Dagangshan and Siaogangshan, the Moon World Mud Volcano, the Agongdian Reservoir, and other scenic spots. The dreamy night view also attracts many photography enthusiasts, and it is also a great place for lovers.

  • Tour by Bicycle
    Tour by Bicycle

    Tour by Bicycle

    Kaohsiung is uniquely blessed with mountain, sea, river, and harbor landscapes not found anywhere else in Taiwan, and is rich in natural ecology and characteristic cuisine. Being bicycle-friendly has always been the focus of its urban construction. Currently, the city has more than 950 kilometers of bikeways and was previously rated by CNN as one of the five largest bicycle cities in Asia. With low-carbon urban bicycle tourism as a future trend, the city will be planning different tourism focuses to attract different populations.

  • Spiritual journey
    Spiritual journey

    Spiritual journey

    Eastern Kaohsiung is the backyard of Kaohsiung, suitable for visits in a slow living and slow food manner. As healthy living is becoming popular throughout the world, a new form of journey for the body and mind is the future trend. The tour incorporates elements such as religion, culture and hot spring, as well as savoring local health food, for visitors to enjoy physical and mental relief.

    Recommended attractions
    • Baolai Spring Park

      Baolai Spring Park

      The hot spring has a temperature of 52°C and gentle water quality making the skin smooth, hence the name, beauty hot spring.

    • Meinong Lake

      Meinong Lake

      Migratory birds can be spotted from October to the following March, and there is a bicycle track by the Lake. One can cycle, stroll or fish here.

    • Xinwei (Sinwei) Forest Park

      Xinwei (Sinwei) Forest Park

      It is one of the largest tree nurseries of Taiwan. The mahogany avenue turns red and yellow during autumn and winter, making it an ideal place for photo-taking and strolling.

    • Foguangshan Buddha Memorial Center

      Foguangshan Buddha Memorial Center

      It has the world’s largest sitting Buddha, and visitors can view the bones of the Buddha, relics and Buddhist antiquities in the underground palace.

    • Pu-Lao Hot Spring

      Pu-Lao Hot Spring

      The hot spring has high temperature throughout the year, and legend has it that it can renew one’s youth and offer immortality, hence the name, Pu-Lao Hot Spring.

    • Yonglin Sanling Organic Farm

      Yonglin Sanling Organic Farm

      Built by Yonglin Foundation, Hon Hai Technology Group; reservation by phone is required, and guided tours are provided.

    • Di Yuan Temple

      Di Yuan Temple

      A branch of Yuan Zhao Temple, it enshrines the Gautama Buddha and Earth Store Bodhisattva, and is one of the three main temples of Liugui District.

    • Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery

      Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery

      Covering an area of more than three hundred hectares, the Monastery has a gorgeous building and beautiful scenery, resembling the Forbidden City of Taiwan.

  • Military tourism
    Military tourism

    Military tourism

    The military bases of the three armed forces, including Fongshan army, Zuoying navy and Gangshan air force, and the military academies are all in Kaohsiung, making it a place worth exploring for military fans. Inside the Aviation Education Exhibition Hall a few airplanes are parked, where visitors can gain an in-depth knowledge of the structure and history of aerospace.

    Recommended attractions
    • The Imperial Japanese Navy Fongshan Wireless Communications Station

      The Imperial Japanese Navy Fongshan Wireless Communications Station

      There is a circular display of antenna, radio, bunker, etc., and massive relics of military communications.

    • Air Force Flight Training Exhibition Center

      Air Force Flight Training Exhibition Center

      Gangshan has been an important air force training base since the Japanese colonial period, and is also the place where the Republic of China Air Force Academy is set up, hence giving rise to a unique air force culture.

    • Xunfeng Fort

      Xunfeng Fort

      It was an important place where the migrants from Fujian and Guangdong, and people from trading ships disembarked in the early days. The main structure contains coral stones and pebbles, with clay sculptures of scrolls on both sides.

    • The Republic of China Air Force Museum

      The Republic of China Air Force Museum

      To commemorate the history and heroic deeds of the air force for the country, the Republic of China Air Force Museum was set up in Gangshan’s Republic of China Air Force Academy, exhibiting more than 20,000 cultural relics.

  • Tourism Factory
    Tourism Factory

    Tourism Factory

    Food, clothing and services of recreation, accommodation and transport in our everyday life are produced and provided by professionals from different industries. You may like to embark on a different tour by visiting the tourism factories to learn about their manufacturing process. Several factories in Kaohsiung offer tours: erasers, leather shoes, and even mullet roe! Besides learning about the manufacturing process up close, visitors can also take part in the DIY activities.