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Two-day trip: Scenery of Qishan and Song Jiang Battle Array

Post date:2015-03-05
Scenery of Jiaocheng and Neimen's performing troupes 2-day trip
District:Qishan Dist. and Neimen Dist.
Journey Highlights:Venture into Jiaocheng in Cishan (Qishan), enjoy the charm of the city in its past heyday, and explore the stories of this city, try a local ice lolly, and in March or April you can experience one of Kaohsiung's major festivals- the Neimen Songjiang Troupe Festival. Experience traditional art at first hand and sample zongpu cuisine (the chef’s cuisine). In doing so, you will pass a happy 2 days in which you to savor century-old local culture.
Recommended for families, couples and friends
Methods of Transport:Car and Walk