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The Absolute Beauty of Kaohsiung

Post date:2015-10-06

Travel days: 1 day

Category: Accessible Tours & Light Urban Travel & Waterfront Tours

District:Zuoying Dist, Gushan Dist., Yancheng Dist., Lingya Dist. and Qianzhen Dist.
Journey Highlights:Portside Kaohsiung is known for its long history and diverse culture. Leaning against mountains and facing the seas, it is definitely impressive. Of course, shopping, dining and entertainment options are plenty. Why not come and explore this pleasant city and feel its vibes!
Methods of Transport:KRT、Bus
 Accessible parking spacesAccessible toiletsLevel of accessibility
Taiwan High Speed Rail - Zuoying Station
(KRT:R16-Elevators are right next to Exit1、2)
5This area is fully accessible
Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond) Scenic Area
  • KRT:R16-Elevators are right next to Exit1、2
  • BUS:No. 301、R51(low-floor bus)、R35 (low-floor bus)
Cars:65Partial assistance is required
Siziwan (The Sizih Bay)
(KRT:O1-Elevators are right next to Exit1)
The place can be reached by walk or Orange Bus No.1
1Partial assistance is required
(We regret to inform you that the site is not 100% accessible. Please find someone to go along to ensure a safe visit. )
The Pier-2 Art Center
(KRT:O2-Elevators are right next to Exit2)
 2Partial assistance is required
Singuang Ferry Wharf
(KRT:R8-Elevators are right next to Exit2、4)
 1Partial assistance is required