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2021-2022 Season of Purple Butterfly in Maolin

Post date:2021-11-30
2021-2022 Season of Purple Butterfly in Maolin
Kaohsiung’s Maolin is one of the world’s only two butterfly valleys where butterflies overwinter. Similar to the monarch butterfly valley in Mexico, Maolin is known for its butterfly valley where a large number of butterflies spend the winter (The purple butterfly valley is not a name of the place, but refers to an ecological phenomenon of gregariously overwintering purple crow butterflies).

The phenomenon of “purple butterfly valley” begins every October and ends in March of the following year. Large numbers of purple crow butterflies visit the valleys along the tributary of Laonong River at the foot of Dawu Mountain to overwinter and stay until the spring when they travel north successively. This is the biological phenomenon of “gregarious overwintering”. Every year, approximately 100-200 thousand purple crow butterflies spend the winter in Maolin. When purple crow butterflies bask in the sun to warm themselves up before crossing the valley, it’s the best time for everyone to visit the “Purple Butterfly Valley” to enjoy an ecotour.

Every year during the season of butterfly watching (November to March), Maolin National Scenic Area holds a biennial butterfly festival in Maolin. The 2021-2022 event starts in October 2021 and ends in February 2022, during which time Maolin National Scenic Area organizes a series of activities. For those who are interested in the details of the event, please visit the official website.

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