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Dome of Light

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Municipal Heritage Site – Cishan Elementary School

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  • Cishan Dist.
Municipal Heritage Site – Cishan Elementary School
The Fanshuliao Public Elementary School, which was opened in 1898 to provide Taiwanese children with an education, was the predecessor of today's Cishan Elementary School. Strolling through this century-old school, amidst the plants and old trees, the classic arched classrooms exuding an enchanting scent of books, the music has not stopped to the present, and despite its age, the school hall is still available for all kinds of activities. While you're appreciating the elegant, polished old architecture, you can also look back on and witness the beginning of modern Taiwanese education in the Japanese Colonial Era.
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No.44, Huajhong St., Cishan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Week Days17:00-18:00

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