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Cijin Shell Gallery

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  • Cijin Dist.
Cijin Shell Gallery
Located on the second floor of the Cijin Seaside Park's Tourist Service Center, the Cijin Shellfish Museum has the largest shellfish collection in Taiwan: it contains specimens of over 2,000 kinds of shellfish and around 200 kinds of crab, and five major clams and shells, as well as all kinds of precious shells sure to open your eyes. The jewel of the Museum’s collection is the world's largest Bivalvia (Liogryphaea arcuate) which, together with other amazing shellfish, are a collection as beautiful as could be found.
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2F., No.990, Cijin 3rd Rd., Cijin Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours

TUE.-SUN. 09:00-17:00
COLSED MON. and New Year's Eve

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