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Kaohsiung Port

Kaohsiung Port

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Liugui”, a town in the mountains, to be selected as the Classic Town in Taiwan


After the successful launch of 30 classic towns during the small town ramble last year, the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) selected another 30 “Taiwan Classic Towns 2.0” in conjunction with the 2020 theme of Mountain Tourism in the hope of turning small town ramble project trendy again. After “Meinong”, a Hakka town in Kaohsiung, was selected, “Liugui”, a town in the mountains of Kaohsiung, is honored to be one of the classics towns. Tourism Bureau Kaohsiung said that it is hoped that the classic town will help the foreign visitors understand the beauty of mountain-based towns in Kaohsiung, while promoting local tourism on the international stage.
Mr. Chiu Jun-Long, the director of Tourism Bureau Kaohsiung, said that 2020 is the first year for Kaohsiung regional tourism and Chimei 9 regions have even launched their own tour brand, East Kaohsiung Friendly Food Tour. Since June 2019, the city government has been promoting regional tourism, and the East Kaohsiung Friendly Food tour; up to 33 regional F&B vendors in East Kaohsiung have participated and responded. This also attracted many young entrepreneurs who returned to their hometown and guided them to become friendly food vendors. This allows the development of friendly food tours which are commercial yet maintain the local lifestyle. By having a common understanding and energy from the residents in the region, this achieves the goal of sustainable development. The fact that the Liugui district has been selected as a classic mountain town is definitely an encouragement and affirmation for East Kaohsiung Friendly Food Tour. The plus version of Baolai Public Hot Springs has reopened in January this year with a new camping region and limited luxurious tents. Visitors are encouraged to experience the hot spring among the forests and flowers at Liugui or simply enjoy the camping experience under the stars. This showcases the winter leisure of slow, food and tour.
Mr. Yang Siao-Zhi, the District Executive for Liugui, suggested that Liugui has very rare natural scenery, including Shiba Luohan Mountain, Maolin National Scenic Area, Colorful Butterfly Valley, Zhulin Leisure Farm, and Meilun Shan. There are beautiful and unique sceneries all year round, for example, pink shower trees during spring, colorful butterflies during summer, hot spring at Baolai during autumn and blooming plum blossom during winter. One should enjoy the hot spring, beautiful flowers, delicious local delicacies and feel the charm of the mountain town.
During the Municipal Administrative meeting today, Mr. Chiu Jun-Long, the director of Tourism Bureau Kaohsiung presented Mr. Han Kuo-Yu, the Kaohsiung Mayor, with the 2020 Taiwan Class/Mountain Town award awarded to Liugui by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC. As an extension of the 2019 Year of Small Town Ramble policy, having an in-depth tour of the mountain town in Kaohsiung will allow one to fully experience the local characteristics of Taiwanese towns and discover the beauty of mountain towns in Taiwan.

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