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In addition to Coldplay, on November 11th, the "Kaohsiung Wind Riding Festival" will feature the Lin Yuan Ocean Music Bike Tour with a live performance by the band "Cosmic People.

Post date:2023-11-12
 In addition to Coldplay, on November 11th, the "K
(This news release has been translated by ChatGPT.)
The Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau organized the "Ride with the Wind" bicycle event yesterday (November 11) in the Lin Yuan area. The event was attended by Tourism Bureau Director Gao Min-lin, Legislator Lin Tai-hua, Kaohsiung City Council members Li Yu-ting and Wang Yao-yu, as well as representatives from the office of Legislator Chiu Yu-hsuan and associations representing tourism, accommodations, and business districts. Thousands of people gathered at the Lin Yuan Ocean Wetland Park to listen to performances by renowned artists, including the Golden Melody Award-winning band "Cosmic People." The event included cycling to explore the ecological beauty of Lin Yuan, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly way for people to enjoy a fulfilling Singles' Day.
Tourism Bureau Director Gao Min-lin stated that the Lin Yuan Ocean Wetland Park, situated near the Taiwan Strait, not only boasts rich ecological landscapes but also offers a distant view of Xiao Liu Qiu. The "Ride with the Wind" cycling event for this occasion was strategically scheduled during the winter, the optimal season for observing jellyfish. Combining ecological conservation of mangroves with the theme of green tourism, the event aimed to explore wetland ecology and ocean beauty. Through low-carbon sustainable travel and guided commentary, the initiative aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and goals related to achieving zero carbon emissions. In addition to the performance by Coldplay, the event incorporated a special ocean music market and featured performances by renowned bands like "Cosmic People," enhancing the appeal of Lin Yuan as a tourist destination and attracting music enthusiasts to maximize the event's impact.
During yesterday's cycling journey, guided by instructors from the "Lin Yuan Mangrove Conservation Association," participants were provided with insights into the ecology of the ocean wetlands. They had the opportunity to observe the charming spectacle of "upside-down jellyfish" extending their tentacles while basking in the sun. The route included visits to Zhongyun Fishing Port, Shanwei Fishing Village, and an exploration of the mangrove ecology along the Gaoping River. The tour continued to the southernmost point of the city for photos at Shu's Marker, witnessing the world-class coastal landscape known as the "Square Sea," and savoring onion cupcake made from Lin Yuan onions. The day concluded with the enjoyment of the sunset at Crescent Bay Beach. Participants praised the cycling experience as exciting and entertaining, overturning the traditional impression of Lin Yuan dominated by petrochemical industries. Beyond cycling, the event offered a marketplace with delicious food supplies and a concert, providing a unique and enjoyable experience distinct from typical cycling activities.
Gao Min-lin further emphasized that to enable people to immerse themselves in Kaohsiung's trendiest and most authentic fishing village culture, the Tourism Bureau has launched the "Sea Line Trendy Travel" group travel subsidy for the year 2022. This initiative encourages travel agencies nationwide to organize group tours to Kaohsiung. This year, in addition to the four districts of Qieding, Yong'an, Mituo, and Zihguan, the program has expanded to include Lin Yuan District, which holds a diverse history and tourism resources. Groups with 15 or more members will receive a subsidy of NT$4,500 for transportation costs. Participants can join travel agency itineraries or opt for self-guided cycling tours to experience the most authentic fishing village life in Lin Yuan. The "Sea Line Gourmet Plate Project" is open for registration until November 17, inviting dining establishments in the four districts (Zihguan, Mituo, Yong'an, Qieding) to actively participate and showcase the most delicious cuisine along Kaohsiung's sea line to people nationwide.
圖8、乘風而騎林園場到市境之南樹看「方塊海」"Kaohsiung Bike Riding with the Wind" will be offering an enhanced tour in Fengshan in December, focusing on Huangpu New Village and designing two routes exploring the new and old urban landscapes of Fengshan. Registration is currently open, and interested participants can find more information on the "Kaohsiung Tourism Website" or by searching for the "Kaohsiung Bike Riding with the Wind" Facebook fan page.