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Dome of Light

Dome of Light

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Hamasen Railway Cultural Park

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  • Sizihwan (Hamasing)
  • Gushan Dist.
Hamasen Railway Cultural Park
Hamasen Railway Cultural Park was originally Kaohsiung Port Station, Kaohsiung's first railway station, and today has been transformed into the Takao Railway Museum. The railway has been preserved in its entirety; this is Taiwan's only century-old railway station whose railway is still usable. As well as the Museum, there is also an expansive green space, in which a dazzling bridge can be seen, rebuilt from a 38-year-old bridge. Extending from the Pier-2 Art Center to the Railway Culture Park, it has become a favorite of locals and foreign tourists alike.

Hamaxing to launch “starry art”
“Starry Hamaxing,” an art project, was recently created by ADHD from South Korea and 11 artists from Taiwan. LED lights are used to show the beauty of the tracks at Hamaxing. The landscape light art tells stories of old-time Kaohsiung.
Time: 19:00-21:30, every 30 minutes a show
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No.32, Gushan 1st Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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TUE.-SUN. 10:00-18:00

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