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The new "MICHELIN Guide" was released in May. The Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung helped 3 new restaurants to earn stars.

Post date:2023-06-25
The new "MICHELIN Guide" was released in May. The Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung helped 3 new restaurants to earn stars.
The 2023 "MICHELIN Guide Taipei, Taichung, Tainan & Kaohsiung" announced on May 10th the 8 new additions to the guide. Three new restaurants in Kaohsiung made it to the list. There have been a total of 9 new restaurants added to the list this year, the highest number of additions in Taiwan. According to Chen Chi-Mai, Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung boasts a vast land filled with rich resources, which has led to a wide variety of innovative, delicious cuisines originating from numerous lands and cultures. The amazing ingredients from various regions are transformed into mouth-watering delicacies by the chef's skillful cooking, which attracted the attention of MICHELIN judges, adding a new endorsement for Kaohsiung's world-certified cuisine. Foodies from around the world are welcome to visit Kaohsiung every day. It’s guaranteed that you will feast to your heart’s content on delicacies from an early breakfast to a nighttime snack.

Kao Min-Lin, director of the Tourism Bureau, explained that the 3 restaurants selected this month participated in food activities held by the Bureau, such as the "2023 MICHELIN Guide Star Earning Expert Strategy Sharing Session," "Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung," and "Kaohsiung Daily Food 366." The Tourism Bureau also successfully predicted the MICHELIN list, bringing Kaohsiung cuisine to the international stage. Our congratulations to the selected restaurants. The Tourism Bureau will work with more restaurants to continue the improvement and help more restaurants to be selected in the 2023 MICHELIN Guide, making Kaohsiung's international gourmet tourism hotter and brighter.

The newly listed "Temperature Studio" in Gangshan District participated in the "2023 MICHELIN Guide Star Earning Expert Strategy Sharing Session" held by the Tourism Bureau in April this year and was selected in May. Its "Stew Milkfish Belly over Rice" is highly recommended. The secret to the dish is that the milkfish is raised in the restaurant’s own saltwater farm. The dish is marinated with Chinese fermented black beans and prepared in Japanese Kabayaki style. Owner Li You-jun said, "I am very happy to do something for my hometown, Gangshan, Kaohsiung. Thank you, my dear family, friends, and customers, for all your support. What Temperature Studio wants to give you is some delicious dishes that you can enjoy at ease after getting off work. Although it’s not a spacious restaurant, we do our best to provide customers with an easy and beautiful dining ambiance. In the future, we will continue to work hard to serve a reliably constant and delicious dining experience."
"Mu Seasonal Cuisine," located in Sinsing District, is one of the restaurants in "Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung" by the Tourism Bureau. Its gourmet food strength has been affirmed and reported by many food bloggers and writers before being selected. Its menu is updated regularly. Using many local Chinese herbs and spices and incorporating Taiwanese, Hakka, and aboriginal cuisine elements, its dishes always bring a unique experience. The owner and chef Kelvin Yang said, "your support is truly appreciated. Sorry for worrying you and keeping you waiting for so long. Time has proven that MU is taking its own special way. Using fusion techniques, flavor stacking, and combinations of multiple aromas, tastes, and elements, every delicious dish can be relished time and again."
"Erge Shih Tang" in Gushan District was once selected in the "Kaohsiung Daily Food 366" event of the Tourism Bureau. The signature dish, “Braised Saury with Melted Bone Sauce," is braised until the bones are soft and edible. The delicious fish meat is accompanied by a sweet sauce, which goes perfectly with a bowl of steamed rice. Chef Li Kun-yuan said, "I never thought that my restaurant would become a MICHELIN Guide listed restaurant! When recognized by the highest hall of fame, he is taking more pressure. The quality of the dishes and the ingredients need to be inspected with even higher standards in the hope of delivering better quality Kaohsiung food to consumers.” The food blogger, “Benlife,” also said, "The chef makes special handmade dishes with great care, and the control of cooking temperature and seasoning is very precise. It is worth visiting again and again."
The Tourism Bureau pointed out that Kaohsiung’s food strength is very solid, and like the ocean receiving hundreds of rivers, Kaohsiung’ cuisine integrates various food cultures to develop its own charming flavors. That’s why so many foodies from around the world fall in love with Kaohsiung. And Kaohsiung still has much gourmet potential to be uncovered, and more restaurants will be listed in the "MICHELIN Guide" in the future. The Tourism Bureau will also continue to work with the restaurant industry to organize gourmet food marketing events, bringing more Kaohsiung delicacies to the international stage. For more information on gourmet food, please visit the Kaohsiung Travel website.