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Attention outdoor enthusiasts! The largest outdoor camping experience in Taiwan, "Wild Wildwild life," will be vibrant this Saturday and Sunday in Kaohsiung.

Post date:2023-11-15
Attention outdoor enthusiasts! The largest outdoor
(This news release has been translated by ChatGPT.)
The largest outdoor camping experience event in Taiwan, "Wild Wildwildlife," is set to take place on the grassy grounds of the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts in Kaohsiung on November 18 and 19! Mayor Chen Chi-mai cordially invites outdoor enthusiasts from all over Taiwan to experience the most chill and enjoyable camping activities in Kaohsiung. The event will feature top-notch million-dollar style camping tents and luxury camping cars available for free photography, along with 68 food trucks offering delicious cuisine and outdoor equipment brands to explore. Attendees can participate in various themed lectures, family DIY activities, and thrilling outdoor experiences. Additionally, eight powerful music groups, including Peng Jia-hui, Bi Shu-jin, Chiou Hsiu, and Chen Hua, will take turns performing. People are encouraged to bring picnic mats and eco-friendly tableware, joining together to experience the beauty of outdoor life on the lush green grass
圖1、高雄市長陳其邁邀請全台喜愛戶外活動的民眾來參加全台最大的「Wild Wild野生活」
Chen Chi-mai expressed that the "Kaohsiung Urban Camping" event, which debuted at the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts last year, attracted over 100,000 people in just two days. This year, the event has evolved into "Wild Wildwild life," focusing on four major themes: camping, lifestyle, music, and sustainability, integrating with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions. Not only has the content been upgraded and the venue expanded, but the food, equipment market, stylish tents, and experiential activities have also multiplied. The vibrant and colorful "dopamine" atmosphere on-site creates a unique display of urban outdoor living. With a diverse array of performances and experiential activities, the event promises to keep you entertained all day long!
圖2、今年活動最大特色有「Pili Pala料理」及繽紛餐桌,歡迎民眾預約搶購
Director of the Tourism Bureau, Kao Min-lin, added that this year marks the debut of "Pili Pala Banquet" at the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts. Culinary artisans employ the Gaucho barbecue technique inspired by South American indigenous people, using the far-infrared heat energy of natural wood to roast the meat, enhancing its flavor with the aromatic smoke from the firewood. With an open cooking setup, visitors can appreciate the chefs using iron outdoor cooking equipment to prepare tender and fragrant meat dishes, making it a visually stunning open-flame cuisine. By making advance reservations, guests can sit at beautifully set banquet tables and indulge in the rich aroma of wood-fired cuisine, satisfying their senses from sight and smell to taste. People are encouraged to make online reservations in advance.
"Wild Wildwild life" has planned a series of family-friendly activities, including woodworking DIY, a sensory exploration and painting party, amphibian and reptile biology lectures in the "Tadpole Pond," as well as exciting activities like canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), high-altitude ziplining, and rope walking – from the trees to the water, there's something for everyone! In addition to dynamic activities, there will be static expert lectures and skill demonstrations, covering topics from fire-making and fishing to hiking experiences. Embark on a journey to "Wild Wildwild life" and instantly elevate your outdoor skills!
Looking to gather with three to five friends? Don't miss out on the stylish camping booths and sofa booths! This year, there are six stylish tents and eight sofa booths available for reservation, including afternoon tea and drinks for an exclusive and private experience. For those unable to reserve a booth in advance, no worries – there are eight stylish tents on-site available for the public to take photos and check in for free. The two-day music stage lineup is robust, featuring powerhouse singers like Nancy Kuo, Chen Hsin-yue, Chen Hua, Gashiwa, Chiou Hsiu, Sean Xiao, Bii, and Peng Chia-hui taking turns to ignite the Wei-Wu-Ying Center. Get ready for a rocking good time!
圖3、今年活動最大特色有「Pili Pala料理」及繽紛餐桌,歡迎民眾預約搶購The Tourism Bureau invites everyone to wear eye-catching colors like yellow, blue, pink, and green on November 18 and 19. Take the MRT to Wei-Wu-Ying Station and join the lively "Wild Wildwild life" event filled with 'dopamine' energy. Contribute to the vibrant atmosphere with colorful attire and stand a chance to win prizes, including iPhones! Due to limited parking at the event venue, it's recommended to use the MRT for a quick and convenient commute, avoiding traffic and potential parking issues. For more information, please visit the "Wild Wildwild life" event webpage and check their Facebook and Instagram pages.