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"The E-Book of 2021 Taiwan Tourism Guide Has Been Released" Download and read in 7 languages-Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai,and Vietnamese!

Post date:2021-07-29
The E-Book of 2021 Taiwan Tourism Guide Has Been Released
To promote tourism in Taiwan, the Taiwan Visitors Association published the “2021 Taiwan Tourism Guide” under the auspices of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, comprising arrival information, transportation, annual tourism events, popular souvenirs, and featured trips. This guidebook can be utilized by various tourism markets to promote Taiwan’s latest tourism information and highlighted travel themes to local businesses and the public.

In response to the needs and changes of the tourism market, we have started to include Southeast Asian languages since last year. The guidebook is available in 7 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. Its primary purpose is the online and offline promotion of Taiwan’s tourism abroad. Additionally, in light of environmentalism and the new international trend, the guide is published as an e-book to encourage paperless reading. To boost downloads and maximize utilization of each language version, please announce the guide on the official websites and affiliated agencies. Our objectives with this guide are to provide Taiwan’s travel information to domestic and international tourists, raise their desire to visit Taiwan, effectively foster the development of Taiwan’s tourism, and increase its revenue.