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The long-awaited first physical exchange between Taiwan and Japan after 3 years, the “Taiwan Plus 2022” was held in Tokyo! The most hip, most fun, most delicious “Kaohsiung” booth is the place to be. The two spokespersons of the city government unveiled the "Kaohsiung Daisuki" sightseeing video of the beautiful mountain, sea, river, and port.

Post date:2022-09-15
The long-awaited first physical exchange between Taiwan and Japan after 3 years, the “Taiwan Plus 2022” was held in Tokyo!
Long time no see, Japan! After 3 years, the General Association of Chinese Culture has invited more than 50 booths in Taiwan to participate in the first physical tourism, cultural and artistic exchange event "Taiwan Plus 2022", which will be held in Ueno, Tokyo on September 17th and 18th. The Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government has also taken part in this event. This time, in addition to preparing a new tourism marketing video "Kaohsiung Daisuki" to share with the long-awaited Japanese people; they also prepared the latest Kaohsiung sightseeing, eating, drinking, and entertainment information. The exhibition will provide interesting games, giveaways and interacting activities with the public. Presenting everyone with the new tourism image of Kaohsiung developed in the past 3 years, so that once the border opens up, Kaohsiung will be the first choice for Japanese tourists when they visit Taiwan, and they will experience Kaohsiung's unique human touch and enthusiasm again.
Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-Mai said with the friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan, the Japanese take part in an important role in the Kaohsiung tourism before the pandemic. After the pandemic, Kaohsiung City will pay more attention to the connection with and promotion in foreign markets. In particular, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries are target audiences that we must strive for. The world's tourism has undergone qualitative changes during the pandemic. The only constant is Kaohsiung's promotion for mountain, sea, river, and port tourism, and the strengthening of the construction of related software and hardware in scenic spots. For example, the reopening of Southern Cross-Island Highway will drive the development in Kaohsiung’s back yard of the eastern 9 districts; the aboriginal cultural sites with magnificent mountain views in Maolin, Namasia and Taoyuan are also attractions to foreign tourists; the continuous development of urban areas, such as the splendid Asia New Bay Area, the Green Corridor paving the green arteries, the historical track of Yancheng and Gushan Hamasing, etc.; there are also the incredible seafood in Cijin and rich and diverse scenery throughout north and south of Kaohsiung (Qieding, Yong’an, Mituo, Ziguan, Linyuan districts). In addition, 39 gourmet restaurants in Kaohsiung that were included in the Michelin's 2022 Bib Gourmand lists for the first time this year will definitely attract more international tourists to come here for a taste of the amazing Kaohsiung cuisine once the border opens up.
Chou Ling-Wen, director of the Tourism Bureau, further stated that the press conference for the "Taiwan Plus 2022 " will be held on September 16th, Japan time, which is the first tourism and cultural exchange activities between Taiwan and Japan post-pandemic, and on the 17th and 18th, from 11:00 to 18:00, an exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Ueno Park. The two spokespersons of the city government, Amber Chou and Chang Yen-Ching, are specially invited to assist in the filming of the new tourism marketing video, "Kaohsiung Daisuki", which will be premiered at the Japanese exhibition. From the perspective of the two intellectual and beautiful spokespersons, the video shows us the highlights of Kaohsiung in its transformation, including mountain cities in the East Kaohsiung, the urban street view, and the beautiful harbor.
Amber Chou said that the most impressive thing about filming this was the experience of tea picking in Liugui with tea farmers, and learning the difference between camellia and tea tree. There’s honey sweetness when the tea first enters your mouth, with a refreshing and pleasant finish. If the Japanese has a chance to taste this in Kaohsiung, they’ll definitely fall in love with it. Chang Yen-Ching mentioned that through the making of this marketing video for Kaohsiung sightseeing, she visited many beautiful and distinctive scenic spots in Kaohsiung. Whether it's riding a bicycle on the Green Corridor, admiring the community's painted art, or roaming the harbor on the light rail transit, Kaohsiung is getting more and more beautiful. It's really amazing! The two spokespersons hope that through the film, Japanese people can relive Kaohsiung's beautiful mountain, sea, river, port, and historical and cultural heritage, and have a better understanding of Kaohsiung in its transformation. Come visit Kaohsiung for sightseeing and delicious food once the border opens up!
For the two-day exhibition, the Tourism Bureau has designed interactive games that are common in Taiwan’s night markets, so that visitors can get to know Kaohsiung through games. As long as you can name famous landmarks or street foods in Kaohsiung, such as Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung Music Center, the Pier-2 Art Center, Rainbow Arch, minced pork rice, big bowl of ice, grilled squid, light rail train, etc., and hit the target with ring toss, it symbolizes dreams come true and you can win a special Kaohsiung gift. The latest Kaohsiung related information will be provided through the two-day exhibition and the social media sites, promoting Kaohsiung's tourism brand image and popularity, so that more Japanese people will fall in love with Kaohsiung.